Ross Reel Club

November Tea Dance

Sunday 18th November, 2.30 - 5.30

M/C Derek Latham

Tambourine Reel R8 x 32 3/4C

Welcome to Ayr J8 x 32 3/4C

Sugar Candie S8 x 32 3/4C

Silver Penny Farthing R3 x 32 3C

Father Connolly's Jig J4 x 64 4C

Glengarry Homestead S4 x 32 4C

Caddam Wood R5 x 32 5C

Moray Rant S3 x 32 3c

Gothenberg's Welcome J8 x 32 3/4C


Broadford Bay R8 x 32 3/4C

Aird of Coigach J4 x 48 4C

Water of Leith S4 x 32 4C

Flight to Melbourne R4 x 32 Sq

Side by Side J8 x 40 3/4C

Firth of Clyde S3x32` 3C

Ramadance R8 x 32 3/4C

Mhairi's Wedding R8 x 32 3/4C


Bees of Maggieknockater J4 x 32 4C

Belle of Bon Accord S4 x 32 4C

Bring a plate Tickets £6.00, 3.00 non-dancers